July 24, 2008

Son of Beast Housing Project

What if all the homeless people in Cincinnati were allocated to the Son of Beast? We could just use the existing structure and retrofit wooden shipping crates into the perfectly sized bays. How would this affect the park? Pretty badly. However, this could be useful in case of a big natural disaster. Then the trains could be used to transport people to their "homes."

A viable solution to Cincinnati's homeless problem, the Son of Beast Housing Project would be a low cost, quickly assembled place to put the most destitute of the city's residents. Son of a Beast!


1 comment:

Dennis Spiegel said...

My name is Dennis Spiegel. I am the president of International Theme Park Services. I was deeply moved by your proposal for homeless housing services to be located within the Son of Beast structure. I ran the idea by my boss and others in the position to make things happen. Great idea! Keep up the good work. God bless.