May 24, 2009

Half Built

The Commons Mall by Cesar Pelli was recently half-demolished in order to be renovated by Koetter Kim Architects. A remonstrance went through, and so this skeleton was left standing on the busiest corner of town for over a year. While the project is on hold, yours truly, faithful mockitect, has come to a realization. The half built beauty of the red skeletal steel frame (huge red trusses not shown in picture) is better in its quasi-brutal minimalism than the Commons' past or future self. The slight tinge of concrete really pulls it together. Instead of finishing the building by actually finishing it, leaving it the way it is would require "the minimal amount of effort." You could hear the building squirm in its naked, tortured half built way, "Only wanted to be loved."

May 5, 2009


Since there hasn'e been much news in the wacky world of Mockitecture lately, I thought I'd defer to other sources that may satisfy your Mockitecture fix. (If there is such a thing.)

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