November 17, 2011

"Men (specifically designers) Who Lack Supervision"

Gotta admit, the title resonates with me. A Hollandian collection of "inferior quality photographs linked by facetious comments", this is a curated collection of designs that I received via chain email from a family member. There are some real innovators in here, and some radical designs.

Let me know if you would like me to forward you the entire email.
Highlighting the domesticity of the American automobile lifestyle, automotive design borrows from architecture.
A dangerously incomplete utilitarian design, this chair/toilet hybrid really only functions as a toilet and is easily mass produced. Presumably this idea grew hastily from a dire situation.
A twisted take on Farm to Table, this makes us aware of where our food comes from and the processes that deliver it to us.
Really just genius, the material and its packaging are appropriated to function in harmonious beauty.
Is it a conversation pit or a barge? In this case, the pool forms a mote, an isolating element not normally associated with couches.
Collaborative Design that unites people around a cause.
Meeting of the minds. I bet some good thinking is done around that fire pit.
Even interior fixtures offer a chance to show off taste.
Highly expressive, this gate latch serves as a gate latch protecting the gasoline, which can be expensive.
Hybrid cooler/scooter. This guy is always the life of the party.
Not really design, but he has the right idea.