April 15, 2008

Hello, and Welcome to Mockitecture

Mockitecture is beginning to build steam, and it is coming for you. In the next few weeks, look for the following events:
  • The unveiling of several new mockitecture projects, including the most recent addition to mockitecture, "Tectonic Folly." These projects are to be launched one at a time. A trailer is in production, and should be available within the next week.
  • A Rhinocerous workshop "happening" is in the works. Why is this mockitecture? Well, I will answer my own question with a question of my own. Why do we as mockitects, need to put on such a workshop?
Several other events will be organized throughout the quarter. Please let us know if you can provide assistance for these events.

Also, if you see any funny buildings, purposeful or accidental, please send it along. Links as comments or email.

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