January 18, 2009

"Its June in the year 2000."

(via no2self and sesquipedalist)

While we're on the subject of nostalgia and historical references (which we seem to always be), these old covers are great. I wonder how we will look back at our contemporary covers of popular magazines. On one hand, we may look at them in a charming way, retrospectively laughing at ourselves and our former naivite: we look at the advent of air conditioned comfort or the automobile in this fashion. This is how things become legendary, such as Dippin' Dots. (the Wave of the Future phenomena)

On the other hand, it is wholly possible that we look back at the current "Sustainability Now!"-ishness of current architecture magazines and not have the same warm and fuzzy feelings. There is a bit of skepticism, mixed with doom andgloom, with a hearty side of self righteousness. I wonder how we will think of this trend in forty years. It definitely lacks the naive energy of these covers...

This is an old advertisement offering futuristic luxury in the form of this extraordinary RV.
"Its June in the year 2000." Great Iconography. Is it a plane? An accordian? A minivan? A dustbuster? A snake? A gherkin?

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