April 15, 2010

You're In Boot Country Now, Son

Behold, a decorated suburban ranch building. It brings to the commercial strip a refreshing mash-up of dazzle camoflauge and country nostalgia, Boot Country is a western themed store specializing in cowboy boots & hats for suburbanite cowboys (a fascinating demographic). Nevertheless, we need more aesthetically experimental buildings such as this:

An example of well-designed cow patterning: a large centralized spot conveniently covers an unsightly vent.

A bit of the stylized cow patterning from the prominent front facade made its way to the side of the building as if to thank the curious onlooker for exploring the depths of the building.  This is the best vantage point to take in the diagonal "work" themed yellow-black striping.  The pattern is mirrored along the center peak of the gable roof, wrapping smoothly around the building without breaking stride. 

A nice roadside sign with typography that bends and curves to fit the shape of a boot.

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