July 20, 2010

Manifesto for Men's Clothing, circa 1913

We support the architectural equivalent of this...
an excerpt from Giacomo Balla, Futurist Manifesto for Men's Clothing, 1913:
"We are fighting against:

(a) the timidity and symmetry of colours, colours which are arranged in wishy-washy patterns of idiotic spots and stripes;
(b) all forms of lifeless attire which make man feel tired, depressed, miserable and sad, and which restrict movement producing a triste wanness;
(c) so-called 'good taste' and harmony, which weaken the soul and take the spring out of the step.

We want Futurist clothes to be comfortable and practical, and:

Flying (i.e. giving the idea of flying, rising and running)
Illuminating (in order to have light even in the rain)
Lit by electric lamps."


XandY said...

The futurist manifesto is by far the best manifesto of all time. I am in favor of starting neo-futurism just so that I can justify my desire to drive fast cars.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Giacomo's ideas on men's clothing, some styles are boring and can depress many men that need fashion.