May 23, 2008

The Birth of Mockitecture.

This is the true birth of Mockitecture. It happened sometime back in the summer of 2005. I was doing some iterations of possible fenestrations for a building, and I just kinda drew a 19'-0" x 20'-0" double hung window. After a few minutes I looked at it and said, "Why Not?" It immediately caught on, and a movement was born. Dubbed "Mockitecture," The double hung window was the first time when Post-Modern tenents were resurrected, using familiar and modern language.

The double hung never made it past that first iteration. However, its spirit lives on, and now it is presented in multiple ways in one building. The Double Hung Window Building. Enjoy!

One side has multiple double hung windows arrayed like a sprawling suburban neighborhood. They are simply stacked on top of each other. The next window features a sort of "double hung lollipop" where a double hung is propped up on a post independant of the building. It is placed in front of a fixed window, forcing the user to look through it. On the next side is a curtain wall ornamented to look like a double hung window. Very Large.

Another idea would be to have a glass garage door ornamented to look like a double hung. Or use double hungs as a soffit. The possibilities are endless, but the image stays the same. It would truely resonate with everyday peoples' experience. And that means something.


Anonymous said...

"so, Bruce, what do you think the R-value would be on a really big double hung window?"

"Well, that depends on what kind of just how big it is..."

"uh...24'-0"...give or take..."

The day mockitecture was born...

Anonymous said...
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