May 2, 2008


This is the Giant Brick at Cranbrook. There are serious implications of a project like this. It Not only offers a unique perspective of how to formally respond to the site, but also an interesting way of creating a landmark. It takes us back to the issue of pure form. What is the difference between putting a giant brick there, which is kind of ironic and irreverent, and putting a giant folded plate there? Both look good, and both would be good buildings. The brick, however, is funny. Bonus points. Everyone at Cranbrook would take delight from the giant brick. It offers a fresh outlo0k on building, because it doesnt take itself too seriously, but it also is highly performative and not offensive.
The joke does not stop at the form. To respect its surroundings, the brick would be covered on two sides by LED screens with scenic nature, or possible views of the other side of the building.
This replaces the views that may be blocked by the brick.
The first of many tectonic follies, these giant bricks would be fired by the ceramics department at Cranbrook. This ties into the culture of Cranbrook, that is art, handiwork, etc. and also is funny. People would love the out of scale bricks that they could interact with. Architects would like it because it suggests something about scale and module. All the while being perfectly appropriate and performative.

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