June 27, 2008

Brutalism meets Beach Town

Biking around Hilton Head, I saw perhaps the most out of place building I have ever seen in my life.  The remnants of a past era.  A monument to the architectural styles of yesteryear.  However, this building was no typical call-it-what-you-will post war modernist building.  It is said that every building tells a story and this example is no different.  Like a parasite invading its host, the brutalist style certainly invaded even the most serene of places.  However, this virus was met with an anti-viral cure: the Hilton Head planning department.  The result? A sleek new building, half brutalist, half beach/resort style.  

A virus, by definition, cannot multiply until it is inside the body's cells.  By restraining trendy, stylish architectural design as it was invading the town, Hilton Head's government effectively restrained the virus, preventing its spread outward into the rest of the beach-resort town. 

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