June 2, 2009

Found Artifacts

I found these two gems while cleaning out what remains of my studio.  The first is a newspaper clipping from a local November 2008 election that reflects the perilous state of local politics here in the midwest.  No wonder we've been arguing (among other things) over proposed upgrades the the city's public transit system for almost a decade now.

The second is a book that was abandoned by a retiring architecture professor here at the University of Cincinnati.  The collection of articles from the likes of Bob Venturi, Alan Gowans, Robert Jones, along with contributions from the editors (Marshall Fishwick and J. Meredith Neil), explore the notion of a "Popular Architecture" that emerged in the 1950's as an ultimate rejection of an International Style.  Neil introduced the texts by declaring the American architectural landscape experienced a "movement from LeCorbusier and Gropius to the almost anonymous designers of neon signs."  Looks to be a promising read...

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