June 22, 2009

N O R T O N unleashes a new line of thank you cards

N O R T O N, a recent college graduate in search of jobs that don't actually exist, has amassed a pile of rejection emails and letters. In response to these dire employment conditions (and out of pure boredom) a new line of "Thank You" cards has been released. Sporting images of campus buildings manipulated with bold Sharpie line work, these cards attack an otherwise critically serious problem (the architecture profession is in trouble right now) with humor. When asked about his intentions, N O R T O N laughed saying:
"Oh, you just reviewed my portfolio in ten minutes and decided I would not be able to contribute to your firm in a positive manner? Why thank you! ...what's that? no, thank YOU. really...I insist!"
It would appear N O R T O N has lost it...it seems that he is mentally unable to juggle the combination of six years of expensive higher education, no job prospects, and a lack of social interaction with the outside world.

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