March 14, 2010

Some Books and Other Things

Fantastic Journal's focus on the architect's bookcase has gone viral.  In a shameless attempt to piggy back off of FJ's popularity, I present a bookshelf from my apartment.  Most prominently, you'll find a few Robert Venturi classics including copies of Mother's House and Complexity and Contribution.

Looking closer, you'll find a pair of outdated "2006" glasses from New York City's 2006 New Year's Eve, multiple decorative ceramic roosters, and perhaps the creepiest drawing ever created (purchased in Roswell, New Mexico). I am also particularly fond of my coffee table, pieced together from various bits of IKEA components.

1 comment:

Markasaurus said...

I'm glad to see you made a prominent place for Jennifer Anniston on the bottom shelf. Nice job with the coffee table!