March 18, 2010

Postcards From the Future

A bit of nostalgic modernism from nearly fifty years ago to cheer up your day.

Figure 1. Executive Park Hotel; Atlanta, Georgia: here the power and authority of modernism leaves man feeling tiny, out of place, and desperate for a way out.

Figure 2. New York World's Fair, circa 1964: "The Equitable Pavilion, a contemporary open strecture located on the Pool of Inndustry, houses the famous Equitable Demograph, a 45-foot electronically controlled map of the United States. See for yourself America's growing population brought to life right before your eyes!"

Figure 3. A lake-side cottage for the future: Take note of the multi-colored speckled doorways. Also, tire tracks from vehicular travel to the motel have been painted into the scene.

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dontknockitecture said...

An interesting not on Atlanta's unique brand of "urbanism"...

The pallatial corporate HQs and upscale hotels attracted people initially to downtown ATL. All the buildings were convieniently connected with covered, elvated walkways. This made the streets of downtown atlanta virtually empty. Oops.

Also, been thinking of writing an article on this for a while, but the new trend in Atlanta is for young hip urbanites to venture out into the suburbs to rapper's nightclubs. Sort of a reverse (and cutting edge) sort of urbanity.