January 13, 2012

Architecture Beyond Building, Cartoonish Architecture, and Working The System

I am happy to announce that I will be hosting 3 lectures as part of the D-Crit Spring Lecture Series. (Full Details here.) The first talk will take place on January 31, 2012 at 6 pm, at 136 W 21st St, New York. Drinks to follow.

Aaron Betsky: Architecture Beyond Building

"Architecture is not building. It is about building: it is experiencing, designing, or describing buildings. It is the theory or the essence of building. In a culture in which buildings are more and more restricted by building, life safety, and financial codes, the best architecture often appears in other media, from fiction, to film, to the visual arts. Betsky will show how we can find and present this architecture, and speculate on how such a re-presentation can itself be architecture."

The second will be on Feb 28, same place, same time.

Jimenez Lai: Cartoonish Architecture

Jimenez Lai speaks about the conflation of representation, design, theory and storytelling by working through comics and translating the alternate worlds into physical installations.

The third will be on April 17, same place, same time.

Damon Rich: Working the System

From designs for an experimental financial learning center in Queens to the first riverfront park in Newark, New Jersey, Damon Rich will share recent attempts to bring design and politics to productive crisis.