January 29, 2008

Mockitecure of the Near East: Dubai Vol.1

Special thanks to S. Von Dreamforce for pointing out a very structurally challenging, formally ultra-inquisitivitival, and tasty project. This is the Desert Deathstar. At first glance, not so goofy. In fact, it looks like a misdirected first year architecture school library. Howeverly, when the didactical titacticals are annunciationed from the architects, OMA, the mockitectural prowess of this building is extereme. EXTREME!!!

Check out this quote from Rem:
What is left to be invented when it comes to the creation of a landmark?

So far the 21st century – in a desperate effort to differentiate one building from the next – has been characterized by a manic production of extravagant shapes. Paradoxically, the result is a surprisingly monotonous urban substance, where any attempt at ‘difference’ is instantly neutralized in a sea of meaningless architectural gestures.

RAK is confronted with an important choice: Does it join so many others in this mad, futile race or does it become the first to offer
a new credibility?

This project represents a final attempt at distinction through architecture: not through the creation of the next bizarre image, but through a return to pure form.
Good Lord!!!! It is pure mockitecture! Not only is it pure form, it raises serious issues about building. And to top it all off, it seems that the architect has taken into consideration a series of didactic responses to urban interstititiation, green rooves, and womens liberation, and produced a building that was expressively designed for night rendering. More to come on this groundbreaking project soon.

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