February 21, 2008


This is a sleeping bag suit. It is mockitecture fashion. While being goofy on a level unuslurped by mere noveltiness, it is functionally [re]ally unfunny. I want to wear this to a cafe or movie theatre. Fashion can be funny.

Architecture can be funny, too. This is a nonument. Pure Mockitecture! One of many mockitectonic projects by London based FAT, this is quite a doozy. The Hague needed someone to watch thier bicycles, apparently, so FAT designed this, a Bicycle Surveillence Hut. (While this seems funny to us in the United States, It is a serious issue in the Netherlands."

The concept is:
"part monument, part strange fortification, and part folly, deriving from seaside architecture, fortifications, lighthouses, and earthworks."
It is mockitecture because it expresses function in a playful way. By deriving form from the function, we can connect to the events that take place here. The castle like wall that surrounds the hut makes reference not only to medieval bicycle surveillence huts, but also to follies, which is the earliest form of mockitecture. As an object, the hut is very dynamically hilarious. Especially when the tiny building at the top periodically catches fire.

FAT wins the Mockitecture firm of the year, and we will bring many more example of their mockitectonics.

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