February 15, 2008

Unleash the Tectonic Fury!

So Im in a studio that is centered sround a wellness center at the Cranbrook Academy's campus. I have a great Mockitecture project that will not only blow your socks off, but will create a landmark for the people of Cranbrook. The context of Cranbrook is a very rural boarding school campus. The building is by eleil saarinen, and there is a rich tradition of handi craft. The buildings are arranged through a seires of axes, that is axises, not like an ax with a handle, but the plural of axis. the buildings are of brick and this is the main visual design element.


How about a giant brick in the middle of the lawn in front of the front gateway? it would be turned on its side so that it would read as a brick with holes in it, and you could see through, creating another axis/portal. the portality of the grand junction would be amassiflous.

in keeping with the arts and crafts theme of c-brook, i will employ all the little boys and girls to fire me some giant bricks. these bricks will be whatever size i want them to be, like say, the size of a bench. instead of lots of little bricks, i will have one big brick. stairs will be very long skinny bricks... this way people laugh when they see the bricks. this is good mockitecture.

My building may block some views, but i will replace them with new veiws vis a vis (yeah boyyee) a series of alliterational electronically focused LED screens which act as "Archificial Viewing spaceships" they trans port the user to the woods of cranbrook, even though they are really lloking at the back of a giant brick. Lots more to come on this mockitectural conquest.

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