February 6, 2008

Buildings Doing What?

Prerequistibley, I would like to extend a big phallic thank you to the numerous people who are helping me amass the largest museum of mockitecture on the face of the planeta (planet). Thank you very much, and keep em comin'. There has been much disussion about how mockitecture manifests itself. Well, I dont know. But what I do know is that this project below is indeed mockitecture. RingOfFire (blog name) raised my attention with this sensually elegant, provocative, and downright dirty piece of neo-phallic expressionism.

The building: "City of Sex" sex museum... A formal gesture that rivals many of the greatest mockitecture projects of the past. This is not only awesome because it looks like buildings having sexual relations, but it also encroaches on the street. That is quality mockitecture. The building itself is not the best. Not the worst building ever, but not the best. I give it a thumbs up however because it is suggestive. Like, architecturally. And It makes me laugh. Can't architecture just make me laugh now and then? It is untapped potential in architecture to make me laugh.

The Second building came from Le Dauphin, and it looks like an ipod. not much else there, just looks like an ipod. yeah. it looks like an ipod. It raises questions about iconographic monumentality and monumental iconography. While this is not the intention of the architects I assume, it makes a monument to our times and our culture, which is important. And the ipod is quickly becoming (or quickly became) the symbol to our times.

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