January 21, 2008

Honestly, Why? Are you Serious?

Goals of mockitecure...
  • attempts to continue tradition of california crazy and architectural folly as well as post modernism while incorporating technology and traditional architectural theory and ethics
  • critiques the ambiguity and pompous gestures of contemporary architecture
  • underscores a lighter side of architecture, both tectonically and critically
  • make light of the vocabulary used in architectural discourse
  • theorizes a new attitude about playfulness and architecture
  • makes light through critique of bad architectural solutions and ideas
Types of mockitecture:
  • phallic expressionism
  • california crazy
  • neo california crazy
  • post modernism
  • neo post modernism
  • buildings that make people angry or uncomfortable
  • Very ugly buildings
Can go either way:
  • Architectural folly
  • Buildings that are inappropriate for their time period
Possible mockitects:
(disclaimer: this is a compliment, and sometimes only a fragment of an architect's body of work or attitude toward building is considered mockitecture.)
  • rem koolhaas
  • renzo piano
  • robert venturi
  • charles moore
  • hans hollien

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