January 16, 2008

Somethin' like a phenomenon...

What is mockitecture? Well, if Mies' Barcelona Pavilion is Citizen Kane, then mockitecure buildings are Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Dont be scared of mockitecture.

Before we prolongitudigate, lets clear up one itemation that has yet to be seriously discoursed upon. Mockitecture, its founders, and its uncanny ability to test your proficiency at using context clues, mean in no way to put down the profession of architecture, in fact it would be the opposite. Flattery is the best form of Conceptigraphy, as they say.

The mock in mockitecture was chosen not because it "makes sense" or "calls your attention to anything" or "was thought about on any level" but because it almost rhymes with architecture.
Per se?

So next time your at a hot dog shaped hot dog stand, think is this mockitecture? The question is not of whom it were to have been for it were. Then think to your self "Yes." Because a hot dog shaped hot dog stand is definitely mockitecture.

Through my blog (disclaimer: please dont question my metrosexuality merely because i have a blog, i know what you are thinking.) we will feature many proscripteratorials about verious projects that in one way or another are indeed mockitecture. This will be an autoerotic foot massage of a blog where alas mockitecture will have room to grow and explore itself through drawing. Analysitorializingly, find buildings that are jokes and send them to me. If you or anyone you know has an idea or project that is mockitecuture, send me a link or do whatever people do on blogs.


Norton ScanPro said...

The profession of architecture is in crisis as you are reading this currently. Does mockitecture have the answers to today's questions? Do yesterday's problems reveal the secrets of tomorrow's trends? Has today's society inherited yesterday's dilemmas? Remember, tomorrow's starchitects are all blogging today.

Glad to see you're getting your feet wet in this vast ocean of information and critical blog literature. Let's ride this wave of data together. Let's surf the internet.

3S said...

Even if I'm not being specially fond of Ace Ventura, I see what you're doing and I love it. Let's see architecture - and people, and life - that way, because we don't need, and we don't want to be serious, and wise, and pompous all the time.