January 22, 2008

Why do you Sound like Such a Jerk When You Blog?

on mockitectural vocabulary:

the synthesis of new and exciting words is not merely to confuse the reader. There are two purposes for the wildly innapropriate way in which mockitecure is discussed:

1. To create for mockitecture a unique discourse and identity. Architecture is a highly intellectual thought-oriented field. Therefore, the critical vocabulary is very itellectual and thought oriented. This makes sense that the words match the subject. Architecture is not, however a field-prescribed dictum, such as say, medicine. The words architects use are not as rigidly defined and technically mandating as in medicine. This is because architecture is a much more open and subjective field than medicine. In this way, architectural vocabulary can be anything it wants, just like design itself. Mockitectural criticism sounds like mockitecture looks. It must be both successful and goofy. It manifests the same principles as mockitecture itself.

2. self effacing humor which arises with in us the lighter side of us and our art

3. A self revealing theoretical thought process is mandated to make the new words. sometimes the owrds make themselves, and end up making lots of sense. for example phenominimalism. as the syllables runtogether, new words are iterated and sometimes they make lots of sense, where they come from is another story, but there are lots of subconscious factors that make the words mean more than just prefixes and suffixes.


S Von Dreamforce said...

Great post

S Von Dreamforce said...

You do realize that you could use all of this as precedent research for SEC...do you?

3S said...

Just proven the point. Mockwriting on mockitecture.