January 16, 2008

Neo-PostModernism aka Mockitecture vis a vis Spa-chitecture

What is desrciptive mockitectural theoros? Here untoforth is the exact verbatibilism of my very first mockitectural project (2007, unbuilt)
  • To enlighten the age of the modernistical anticontextualism in which the sital relations have been diluted to no more than a ignorance of historilogicalitinicity, specificity of materialnessness and existing pretectonical arrangements.
  • Worthwhile, this phenomenologicalitinouslier site strategy that has been mortared out of my architectonical shell cannon will not only unite all seekers, but make love to their architectural mind’s eye.
  • By contextually preproto-sensitivitizing vis a vis a research based inquisitival cognition based stie visit, “The building” will have an architectural knee-jerk reaction to the existing preponderance, per se.
  • “The building” is the most complete unity of Comical Regionalism and the more avant garde, wood construction.
  • “The building” will employ the usagally derived pragmagic to plot rectilinear spaces into a series of gridded structural elements. With the grid set up, the harmony and chorus strike the architectural notes to rival that of a million song birds. Then, after that has happened, there will be a sensuous melding of the “architectural” weaving canopy type tectonic chronic.
  • The unaforementionabled tectonic chronic is designed to manifest the connection and relationship between grid and eel (see also egg and dart pattern).
  • After dunking the user in the Divinely Perfect HotNacktbaden that is “Le Building” (“The Building”) he or she tastes the nectar of this unity, The daylightfastness and conjunctive systems will all be a corroborativity scene.
  • Making for a booyah moment, there is a rebuilding period in which the user is scrum tackled into the path the leads to the ultimate goal, or the “Architectural Super Bowl Ring” This will be enhanced with an onslaught of Lombardianarianism.
  • Thank you and Congratulations, per se.

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